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Specimen Code Number: M379
Learn more about: Dravite
Size: Cabinet
10.5 x 3 x 2 cm
Location: Mwajanga
near Komolo

Large, doubly-terminated blue-cap Dravite from a unique 2017 find. This one has so many things going for it, most importantly it's large size and good condition with only one bit of chipping along the termination. It features a dark body grading up to a translucent white zone followed by an intensly blue termination. While the dark zone in the majority of the crystals were opaque, this one is translucent, even despite it's larger size (I put a pen light behind it in one photo to show the translucency). The other end is terminated with a more pyramidal shape and has green overgrowths. There is another small Dravite intergrown in this end.

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