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Apr. 3, 2020
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Apr. 9, 2020
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Rose Quartz on Smokey Quartz

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Specimen Code Number: M507
Learn more about: Quartz
Size: Small Cabinet
8.5 x 5 x 4 cm
Location: Minas Gerais
Description: Large single smokey Quartz crystals with attached crystals of Rose Quartz. The base of the crystal is intergrown with Feldspar. The upper tow thirds are glass and bright, and the best feature is an outer layer of Quartz draping down over the top and extending down two thirds of the crystal with a ring of terminations pointing downward towards the base. And these terminations are Rose colored! This ring is present nearly the entire way around the crystal. There is an unfortunate ding on the termination, otherwise it's in perfect condition. This is out of an old collection and the old yellowed label shows it was priced at $19.50 back in the 1970s, I value it at $250 today.
Contact Dealer: Mike Keim
Dealer Rating:  9.5 / 10.0  - Rate this Dealer
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SOLD for: $56.00

$56.00 8:42.02 AM Mar. 26, 2020 ZenGyrene
$51.00 8:42.01 AM Mar. 26, 2020 LongTom4
$47.00 8:41.26 AM Mar. 26, 2020 LongTom4
$46.00 8:41.25 AM Mar. 26, 2020 ZenGyrene
$36.00 8:40.51 AM Mar. 26, 2020 LongTom4
$35.00 8:40.50 AM Mar. 26, 2020 ZenGyrene
$26.00 8:26.53 AM Mar. 26, 2020 LongTom4
$25.00 9:48.07 AM Mar. 20, 2020 ZenGyrene
$17.00 9:48.06 AM Mar. 20, 2020 IrisAgate
$12.00 9:47.48 AM Mar. 20, 2020 IrisAgate
$11.00 9:47.47 AM Mar. 20, 2020 rocklifter
$5.00 9:11.14 AM Mar. 20, 2020 IrisAgate